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I’ve found myself with more Black Lion tickets than I’m probably going to use, so I’ve decided to do a giveaway!


There will be THREE winners chosen at random, who will receive the following:

  1. Any ONE of the new Tempest SkinsAND any ONE item from the Style tab in the Gemstore (Outfits, Armour Skins etc.)
  2. Any ONE of the new Tempest SkinsAND a full set (6) of the new Taimi’sElectro Dyes,pictured above.
  3. Any ONEof the new Tempest SkinsANDTotal Makeover Kitfrom the Gemstore.


  • 1 like, 1 reblog
  • you don’t need to be following me
  • you must have your ask open so I can contact you


Since I’m impatient and I don’t want to keep people waiting too long, the deadline for reblogging will be as follows:

  • 00:00 UTC / 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST 
  • Winners will be contacted ASAP following the deadline.

I think that’s about it, folks! If you have any questions you can direct them to my ask box. Good luck!!

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#why not  
Halloween Theme
by Maclaine Diemer on Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012
10,771 plays

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Theme

Keeping with the tradition established in the first Guild Wars, the Mad King is back this year to taunt and terrorize the citizens of Tyria with all sorts of fun Halloween content.

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stares at 29 character slots… desires one more to make it an even number

I hate odd numbers okay.


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Here have some really rough sketches of some of my charr.
In case my handwriting is unreadable, we have Rha Prideblade (Top left), Tiberius Ravenclaw and his raven Merle (Right), and Mogrimmar Bonetail (Bottom left)


Here have some really rough sketches of some of my charr.

In case my handwriting is unreadable, we have Rha Prideblade (Top left), Tiberius Ravenclaw and his raven Merle (Right), and Mogrimmar Bonetail (Bottom left)

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tfw you run AC P2 and Detha bugs out right at the end… a bug that has existed for over an entire year and remains unfixed.
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Anonymous inquired:

"No! You can't die on me now!" laughs a lot and crawls away

Dhuneir isn’t quite sure what happened, nor is he sure of how it happened. The moments just prior to his current situation were an odd and hazy blur, and faintly he wondered if everybody experienced this strange and almost oddly melancholy feeling after taking a fatal injury.

The Mordrem wolf had not been kind to poor Dhune; the sheer volume of mint green sap spilling from the jagged rip in his right side signified it had been very intent on killing him and even eating him. The elementalist hadn’t even seen it coming, in part because he had been doing battle with a husk and several vines that suffered the same dragon corruption. Whyseir had been caught in his own battle, too, and generally the fight had been chaotic and everybody had been all over the place.

There were more casualties than just Dhune, of course; a few unlucky Pact soldiers lay strewn around like broken toys the Mordrem had grown bored of. Now that the minions had been fended off, the survivors were bustling around and trying to take stock of both what happened, and who they were needing to bury.


Oh? Dhuneir blinks and struggles to sit up at that familiar voice in an unfamiliar tone; a take made inordinately hard by his missing arm. (When had that come off?) Whyseir looks mortified, which is an odd expression to see on his handsome, pale face. The mesmer drops to his knees by Dhune’s body, but seems hesitant to touch him as he looks over the obvious wounds.

"It’s fine," Dhune coughs weakly to the taller sylvari, lips pulling into a faint but sincere smile. "Don’t wanna get your clothes bloodied with ugly green."

The horror on Whyseir’s face remains, but as he meets Dhune’s own gaze, he looks decently angry at the flippant remark. “Shut it,” he sneers to Dhune in a tone more common for him, though there’s a distress in his voice that the elementalist still cannot place. “You can’t die on me now!”

What is that? It seems beyond even sadness, that edge to Whyseir’s voice, and Dhuneir has never heard it used in reference to him before. Dare he think it - and thinking is proving slower and harder by the second - it is almost as if Whyseir is utterly distraught. Was it bad of Dhune, if he had assumed that Whys had never cared enough to be so upset at the idea of him dying?

If it had been, it’s a little on the side of late to apologise for it now.

Whyseir still doesn’t touch him; instead he sheds his gloves and proceeds to pick at his hands. A bad habit that Dhune had tried hard to steadily kill.

"Don’t do that," Dhuneir says in immediate response, reaching out with the only hand he has left to pathetically slap one of Whyseir’s wrists. The world is quickly becoming hazy, vision blurring, and the pain is fading away faster than the old Lion’s Arch racing moas ran out of the burning city. He tries to, while he can still see at least some outline of things, slap at Whyseir’s wrist again when the mesmer doesn’t seem to have stopped.

However, Whyseir takes his hand in both of his own before such a slap connects. A simple action that brings a smile to Dhune’s face. “I always hated when you did that. Like… if you just stopped picking at yourself all the time, maybe you’d see how wonderful you really are.”

The mesmer pulls a face of near disgust, though Dhune can barely make it out at all and his eyes close shortly after. “That’s the worst cliché you’ve ever said to me.” Sniff. Is Whys crying? Oh, but that’s bad. Dhune does his best to get a sensible thought in his head, but all he can really think about in that moment is the fact Whys is together with him, holding his hand. A reversal of the norm, where he was normally the one to hold Whyseir’s. “Don’t you dare die on me. Don’t you dare; not if you want me to forgive you for that awful cliché!”

Another, louder sniffle. But there are no cute last words from Dhuneir; no more sappy clichés or witty one liners. Not even anything reassuring. The elementalist coughs weakly as he tries to say something, and it was probably something important, but the words die before they even leave his throat; an incomprehensible mumble at best. It’s all he manages before he slips away into nothingness, leaving Whyseir alone.

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This is a pretty old video, but I was lurking around my unlisted videos on my YouTube-account and…

I totally forgot about this one.

This is what I did when I found out how to glitch the dance book thing. I got a little carried away!

More videos:
GW2-video tag



I’m reblogging the masterpiece that bonded me with gw2-juriia.

RIP dance book glitch :’( This is so funny. Makes me miss it.

These are the glitches and bugs that really could just be. Left. In the game.

You know.

Because they’re fun and don’t murder anybody nor break the game.

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if you don’t have at least one character you can attribute this video to i don’t know what you’re doing with your life

*intense staring at my character roster*

*intense EXTREME staring at Leatryl*

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you came to the wrong neighbourhood, motherfluffers


you came to the wrong neighbourhood, motherfluffers

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